• Politics

    The Role of Women in the Gold Rush

    When Californians struck gold, women and families were at the front lines. The balance actually shifted during the Gold Rush. Prior to 1849, Calfornia had a disproportionate amount of men. The Gold Rush brought wealth and opportunity, which attracted women from all over the US. Most of those people had showed up by 1849, hoping…

  • Health

    OC Dental Malpractice Lawyer

    Blog submitted by Dane Levy Attorney at www.Dentalmal.com. When you need a great OC dental malpractice lawyer, contact Dane Levy. Looking for a Great OC Dental Malpractice Lawyer? If you’ve had issues with a dentist and feel that you did not receive the care that you deserve, what can you do about it? Actually, you…

  • Business Services

    How to build and protect a business’s online reputation

    Article provided by Revdex.com As more customers conduct online research on their products and services, businesses should manage and protect their online footprint. Smaller businesses may think that managing an online brand is only relevant for larger businesses. However, as more consumers shop online than in-store, all businesses should build and protect their online reputation….

  • Health

    Whitening vs. Bleaching

    Article written byElite Dental Group Everyone loves a beautiful white smile for its youthful appearance and instant appeal. However, most over-the-counter whitening and bleaching products are not approved, making them harmful for teeth and gums. If you are considering brightening your smile it is best to consult a professional dentist who can advise you about…

  • Hardware

    Camping Out Can Be Great Therapy

    You get out into the wild and enjoy a hot cup of coffee over an open fire. There’s fresh air and often a lake or river nearby where you could catch some fish for dinner. You can make so many amazing memories on camping trips. Whether you own a camper or stay in a lodge,…

  • Health

    Discovering Abundance in the Wonders of Nature

    It isn’t difficult to see abundance when we look around our world. Places like Yosemite National Park and the Grand Canyon give us a glimpse of how beautiful our planet is. And these are just two of the many places. In addition our planet has abundant life and it can be found everywhere we look….

  • Hardware

    How often should you replace outdoor furniture cushions?

    Many people today have outdoor furniture areas complete with seating and tables. This can be so relaxing and convenient for friends and family. One of the areas where many homeowners are lax is when it comes to replacing outdoor furniture cushions. Most of these cushions are manufactured out of some type of foam product. One…

  • Travel

    Why you should visit Abu Dhabi on your next vacation

    Blog provided by Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC Are you trying to decide where to go for your next vacation getaway? You might have already considered Hawaii, Europe, or a host of other locations, but have you considered taking a trip to Abu Dhabi? Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates…

  • Shopping

    10 housewarming gifts your new neighbors will love.

    When a friend or family member moves into a new house it’s always to help them get comfortable with their new house. But sometimes it’s difficult to choose a gift for events like these. Here are 10 great housewarming gifts that your friends will love. A warm blanket If it gets cold where you live,…