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    What does Jury selection research involve?

    Jury selection is the process whereby attorneys select the individuals who will serve on a jury. The selection process varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but usually includes some combination of randomly summoning citizens, interviewing potential jurors, and striking jurors for cause or peremptorily. In the United States, jury selection research generally begins with what is…

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    Economic Trends Remain Strong for 2022

    Economic trends are an excellent predictor of what kind of small business might be successful in 2022. Just because a type of business was the hot thing a decade ago, does not mean it still is. If you want some advice from a small business owner, here it is. Try not to start a business…

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    Healthy Benefits of Meditating Daily

    Article by Zhang Xinyue of Create Abundance.  Meditation originated in China and is thousands of years old. It is one of the more seasoned recuperating techniques and was first utilized by Chinese Emperors as a component of their general wellbeing program. Other early developments, for example, show Egypt with recorded proof of their utilization of contemplation…