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Door Dressings for Christmas


Article written by Nate’s Ebook News

Fall is almost here, and that’s the best time to prepare for Christmas. This year, dress up your door way with some of these beautiful set pieces.


DIY wreaths on your door are fairly easy to do, and are often inexpensive accents for your door. Visit your local craft store and grab yourself a plain wreath. Some Christmas tree lots will sell fresh ones, but fake ones are good if you want to do this project once and have it last for a long time to come. It’s also good for the condos and apartments of Manhattan that don’t get much sunlight. You will need a hot glue gun on the fake wreath, so that your accents will stick to the wreath itself. Then it’s up to you. Add a hodge podge of brightly colored bulbs, or even Poinsettia flower petals to help add some style.

Door Hangers

If you have one of those wrought iron hangers on your door, you can try fitting a small planter box to it. You can usually attach tiny ones that don’t weigh too much using hooks. Put a mistletoe over doors inside your home too, especially the bedroom. You can also use garland around the entry way to add more character and make the door more festive.

Other Ideas

Lights are always a festive way to decorate, and it’s easy to string them around your garland. You can also opt for Christmas themed door knockers or placards, like Santa’s face on the door way. If you have a pathway leading up to your home, stake a cutout in the ground for a festive feel as guests approach.

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