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Tips to Save Money on Commercial Construction


Commercial construction projects are expensive by nature, but there are several factors to consider before you begin your project. For instance, cost of ownership long term is often overlooked during the initial planning phases. Those choices affect costs before, during and after construction that should be factored into the lifetime cost of ownership. In some cases, better materials are the best solution. Here are some tips to help you calculate and lower the total construction and ownership costs of your next construction project.

Designing with a Green Mindset

Simple changes can do a lot for the preservation of energy in an office building. From the type of lighting fixtures that are used, to the type of insulation used in the walls of the building. Flooring plays a role, with stone floors being cooler, as does the type of doors used. Wood and glass doors can be insulated, either by increasing the thickness of the door or by decreasing the air that gets through the frame.

Buying from Specialized Vendors

Vendors that specialize in certain materials tend to know their stock well, keep plenty on hand, and they offer competitive pricing on those materials. Ordering from them as opposed to a general hardware store might save you money on materials like travertine or granite. For one you’ll get more options and you’ll save on higher quality materials.

Buy Quality Materials

You’ll hear a lot about used construction materials, which are not inherently bad. However, paying out for better materials with a longer lifetime has advantages. You’ll pay less to replace them over time, and they may improve the value of the building. Plus, quality materials that offer good insulation lower the costs for a tenant, which means more money goes to your bottom line.


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