• Politics

    The Role of Women in the Gold Rush

    When Californians struck gold, women and families were at the front lines. The balance actually shifted during the Gold Rush. Prior to 1849, Calfornia had a disproportionate amount of men. The Gold Rush brought wealth and opportunity, which attracted women from all over the US. Most of those people had showed up by 1849, hoping…

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    Available San Juan Vacation Rentals Friday Harbor WA

    Friday Harbor is a quaint town with lots of historic charm. This seaport village is located in Washington State near the ferry landing. It’s about halfway between Seattle and Vancouver, a rather remote and complete beautiful destination. Friday Harbor offers amazing restaurants where the food is unique and unforgettable. There are no fast-food restaurants and…

  • Health

    Tips for Cleaning Teeth While Wearing Braces

    Article submitted By Remarkable Smiles Orthodontics.   Most of the time, we get cavities because of what we eat. Children are especially prone to getting cavities and for good reason. They often eat cookies, candy, carbonated beverages and all sorts of sticky things. To make matters worse, they often get right up and go out to play…

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    Dental care advice during a COVID-19 lockdown

    Article written byElite Dental Group As the Covid-19 pandemic causes many lifestyle changes, these changes can affect a person’s mental, physical, and oral health care needs. Although some accidental dental issues will need immediate care, other conditions can be managed until it is safe to visit a dentist. There are many reasons why a person…

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    Meditating to Relieve Anxiety and Improve Health

    Anxiety can be so hard on our health and yet there’s so much of it these days. We can hardly go through a week without hearing of some disaster somewhere. Then there are problems at work and at home. Just finding a quiet spot to relax can be so challenging. That’s why meditation has become…

  • Business

    Tips to help you manage business’s online brand reputation

    Article provided by Revdex.com Social media and online customer review sites can greatly help to further a brand. However, bad reviews can equally hurt a brand by damaging a company’s reputation and directing sales to competitors. Managing a business’s online brand is the best way to build stronger, longer-lasting relationships with customers online while protecting…

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    Protecting a business’s online reputation

    Businesses may feel that they are at the mercy of their customers as online reviews become a focal point to grow a brand. Although businesses will try to do their best for their customers, there are times when they will fail. In these instances, a strong online presence can ensure that negative reviews do not…

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    New Deals on San Juan Island Lodging from San Juan PM

    san juan island lodging san juan PM The San Juan Islands are located in the state of Washington. There are several islands in this archipelago where people come each year for vacation. One of the main islands is Orcas Island, which is shaped like a horseshoe and is home to Moran State Park and Mount…

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    OC Dental Malpractice Lawyer

    Blog submitted by Dane Levy Attorney at www.Dentalmal.com. When you need a great OC dental malpractice lawyer, contact Dane Levy. Looking for a Great OC Dental Malpractice Lawyer? If you’ve had issues with a dentist and feel that you did not receive the care that you deserve, what can you do about it? Actually, you…

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    How to build and protect a business’s online reputation

    Article provided by Revdex.com As more customers conduct online research on their products and services, businesses should manage and protect their online footprint. Smaller businesses may think that managing an online brand is only relevant for larger businesses. However, as more consumers shop online than in-store, all businesses should build and protect their online reputation….