Available San Juan Vacation Rentals Friday Harbor WA


Friday Harbor is a quaint town with lots of historic charm. This seaport village is located in Washington State near the ferry landing. It’s about halfway between Seattle and Vancouver, a rather remote and complete beautiful destination. Friday Harbor offers amazing restaurants where the food is unique and unforgettable. There are no fast-food restaurants and no fast food lifestyle here. The vibe is friendly and laid back.

There’s so much to do in Friday Harbor. There’s a museum of art, a community theater, a historical museum and a whale museum among others. The town often hosts amazing plays and live entertainment and everything is within walking distance. There are bikes, mopeds and the three-wheeled Scootcoupes available and those are popular ways to get around.

The only thing you need on San Juan Island is a great place to stay and there are plenty of out of the way cabins and cottages. San Juan Vacation Rentals Friday Harbor WA has a massive selection of cabin rentals with waterfront views. They also offer larger estate-type homes in case you want to bring family and friends.

You might enjoy leisurely walks around town or a day of fishing, but the choice is yours. On San Juan Island, memorable moments are the specialty. San Juan Property Management takes pride in offering vacationers a number of beautiful cabins, apartments, cottages and homes.  Get personalized service that will make your stay unforgettable. Don’t wait another moment! Get out in the fresh air and enjoy the San Juan Islands this year.

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