Book Review: Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue


This is a section from the book “Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue that explains how all humans are part of the cosmic sea. We are amazing beings on a planet of great abundance.

The universe is far bigger than one or two people or even millions of people. However, in your reality, you may consider yourself to be insignificant. Though this is true in some ways, humans have tremendous capacity to create extraordinary miracles. We may manifest the abundant world we seek once we comprehend it better.

Our natural condition of being is bountiful in every way. We are not helpless, isolated beings on this planet. Instead, we are inextricably linked to cosmic energy. This is what we require for human development. Throughout the universe, this energy is limitless.

We can become distant from people we love, such as spouses or children, at periods in our life. It may appear that the isolation is permanent and that there is no way to undo the harm. Zhang Xinyue discovered that we are all members of the same race, the human race. We shall always be a part of this Sea, the Cosmic Sea, no matter what we do or where life takes us.

We will not be able to separate ourselves from the rest of humanity, no matter how hard we try. We may suffer sadness and pain as a result of our attempt, but we are still members of the “Mankind” collective.

This is a quote from the book Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue:

“Don’t make a fuss, or feel entangled. Such strange sensations will not last too long; it may be gone in a day or two. Just think of the great many restrictions you have been living with; every step you took was difficult and filled with them.”

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