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    Protecting a business’s online reputation

    Businesses may feel that they are at the mercy of their customers as online reviews become a focal point to grow a brand. Although businesses will try to do their best for their customers, there are times when they will fail. In these instances, a strong online presence can ensure that negative reviews do not…

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    How to build and protect a business’s online reputation

    Article provided by Revdex.com As more customers conduct online research on their products and services, businesses should manage and protect their online footprint. Smaller businesses may think that managing an online brand is only relevant for larger businesses. However, as more consumers shop online than in-store, all businesses should build and protect their online reputation….

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    How Today’s Metal Fabrication Industry is Rapidly Evolving

    Summary: The metal fabrication industry continues to flourish, even under economic stress. Metal fabrication is a common subsector of the construction industry which consists of designing structures out of raw materials. Metal fabrication projects include everything from heavy equipment and machinery to architectural designs. An In-Depth Look Into the Industry Today’s steel fabrication industry is…