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    Money Making Tips From Billionaires Themselves

    Article Written by Wesley Virgin Everyone wants to know the formula for success. What kind of financial advice would you ask a self-made millionaire for if you could sit down with them? Here are some money-making suggestions from billionaires. Wesley Virgin Wesley Virgin is an accomplished businessman who has also worked as a computer engineer,…

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    Tips to help you manage business’s online brand reputation

    Article provided by Revdex.com Social media and online customer review sites can greatly help to further a brand. However, bad reviews can equally hurt a brand by damaging a company’s reputation and directing sales to competitors. Managing a business’s online brand is the best way to build stronger, longer-lasting relationships with customers online while protecting…

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    Small Business Info: Why You Should Find Your Niche Market

    Article by  Herb Kimble . Discovering Your Niche Market is Key to Creating a Strong Small Business When you’re a small business, there are several things that you must ensure of. The first of these is making sure that you are creating effective marketing plans. This is very important because it is with these advertising ventures that…