Changes in California’s DIY Orthodontics Trade


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Assembly Bill 1519 was signed into law in California, indicating that the DIY orthodontics industry would need to make some changes. This is because so many individuals use DIY websites for their braces. DIY braces cost around half as much as standard braces. With a price tag of roughly $3,000, this appears to be a terrific option to get your teeth corrected. So, what exactly was the problem?

First of all, you’ll never see an orthodontist in person if you use DIY clear aligners. At the start of your treatment, you’ll most likely see a virtual physician. Following that, websites like Candid, Byte, and SmileDirectClub will give you a set of retainers along with instructions on how to use them.

While some people have had positive outcomes, others have had distressing failures when their teeth moved in the wrong direction. Some people complained of overbite and underbite issues, while others were left with a very unattractive smile rather than a beautiful one.

The new California Assembly Bill 1519 aims to protect consumers and encourage them to reconsider utilizing DIY orthodontics. Throughout their orthodontic treatment, patients should see an orthodontist on a regular basis. That way, any issues may be addressed immediately. This is an important factor. Sometimes, teeth will move in erratic directions. Your orthodontist will notice this and alter your treatment.

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