Dental care advice during a COVID-19 lockdown


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As the Covid-19 pandemic causes many lifestyle changes, these changes can affect a person’s mental, physical, and oral health care needs. Although some accidental dental issues will need immediate care, other conditions can be managed until it is safe to visit a dentist.

There are many reasons why a person may experience tooth or jaw pain and one such reason is stress. Added stress due to lockdowns coupled with additional responsibilities can cause dental problems such as dry mouth, grinding, sores, and jaw pain. The key to reducing these symptoms involves reducing stress levels by staying present, avoiding unnecessary news updates, and including time for relaxation with family.

Consuming more water can also help to reduce common oral conditions such as bad breath and dry mouth. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day can help to keep your mouth clean after meals and help create more saliva that can lessen decay.

Eating a healthy balanced diet has been shown to preserve healthy teeth by maintaining a healthy acid balance. Consider limiting snacks and sugary foods by only consuming them after a main meal. Preparing home-cooked meals can additionally help families eat healthy while in lockdown. Consider including healthy lean meats, vegetables, and fruits to ensure you maintain a balanced diet.

If you require dental advice and are still hesitant to physically visit a dentist’s office, consider a video consultation. Video consultations offer a safe, convenient method for people to meet with their dentist, and assess if a physical consultation is necessary.

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