Economic Trends Remain Strong for 2022


Economic trends are an excellent predictor of what kind of small business might be successful in 2022. Just because a type of business was the hot thing a decade ago, does not mean it still is.

If you want some advice from a small business owner, here it is. Try not to start a business that is a dime a dozen. For example, the past few years have seen an influx of internet marketing professionals on the lookout for new clients. A business like this would just make yours one of many, unless you have found a new and unique business technique other internet marketers have not yet tried.

Instead, try filling a community need. A successful small business often fulfills a need in a community nobody else has tried to fill yet. If there is no casual coffee shop in town where customers can come to eat, relax and perhaps work on their laptops, opening one might be an excellent business opportunity.

Businesses aimed at senior citizens are almost guaranteed growth in any community in this day and age with the high US population of older adults. These businesses may include senior centers, medical supply stores and travel companies that provide bus tours and cruises to the over 50 crowd.

Justin JD Rossetti comments, “Why not let 2022 become the one in which you find your career calling and make a niche for yourself in the small business world?”

Rep. JD Rossetti (D-Longview) is a small business owner, school board director and youth baseball coach who lives in Longview with his wife and three boys.

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