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Fiberglass: The New Modern Material for Front Doors


The-Importance-of-Polish-for-Wood-Exterior-DoorsIf you’re looking for a new front door that’s going to wow your guests, the search is over. Fiberglass entry doors have overcome their cheap look and can now compete against today’s prestigious wood doors. It’s amazing to witness how much fiberglass doors have changed throughout the years. What used to look like wind shields are now emulating the exact details of a wooden front door.

Advantages of Using Fiberglass

As mentioned previously, one of the biggest advantages to using fiberglass is that they offer the look of real wood without any of the disadvantages. Another aspect that homeowners love about fiberglass is that they require little to no work when it comes to maintaining them. Also note that fiberglass doors can also be stained in a similar fashion that wood doors can to recreate even the slightest details.

Is it Secure?

An area of concern that many homeowners have is how secure the door really is. While steel doors may seem like the poster child for security, it does have its flaws. In many doors, the steel may be so thin that you can take a blunt object and punch right through the layer. With fiberglass as your material of choice, this doesn’t happen. They’re just as secure as the thick steel doors and won’t dent when a good amount of pressure is used.

The Bottom Line

Fiberglass doors provide a high level of security and aesthetics at a low cost. They offer plenty of cold weather advantages and will enhance the overall look of your home. It’s time to make the switch today.


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