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French Doors For NYC Homes and Apartments


French doors are also called French windows. These are doors of different sizes made up of glass panels. Traditionally, the french door comes in pairs with the hinges fixed so that the doors can either be swinged in or out. French doors are commonly used for both interior and exterior applications. Inside the house, they are used to link two rooms such as an adjacent living room and dining room. Exterior french doors are used to provide access to outdoor spaces such as the garden, patios and balconies. The use of the french door is convenient for New York City’s temperature and climate. The tips below shows how these can be used for both the interior and exterior.


The french door is introduced to give access to your outdoor living spaces. These provide opening onto patios, apartment balconies and gardens in New York. French exterior doors were long ago regarded as not particularly safe. However, with the contemporary use of tougher and better insulated glasses, the french door has increased its security and limited transparence.


Inside the house or apartment, french doors are effective as dividers between linked or adjacent rooms, especially if you are seeking to procure the feel of an open space. Some non-traditional applications for the french door are in bathrooms in the form of shower surrounds.

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