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Give Your Front Door a Modern Upgrade



The front door is one of the first things a potential buyer sees before he or she views your home. It’s important to put your best foot forward, so that the buyer has a good impression of the property. Redoing aspects of your entryway are fairly inexpensive, unless you order custom pieces and decide to extend the size of your porch area.

New Locks and Knobs

If you don’t want to replace the door entirely, you can add new fixtures to update the look of the door. Modern pieces in stainless steel or bronze can add character to the door, or change the look entirely. Wrought iron grating, for instance, can instantly make any wood door look vintage or rustic. Knobs can change the door entirely, with latches and handles giving it a more modern look. You can also polish brass door knobs to restore some of the luster they used to have.


A door knocker is like an alternative to a door bell, it’s kind of a classic staple that gives your home a humble feel. The knockers are also fairly loud, especially when used with wooden doors. You can mount one of these knockers to just about any wood door. You’ll need to bore some starter holes with a power drill, but the screws should hold the knocker firmly in place. Try to match the door knocker with the latch to coordinate colors and styles.

Other Accessories

If you want to change the look of a wood door, you can add some molding to the exterior. You will need carpenter’s glue to hold the molding in place on the door, then you can use a finishing nail from a nail gun to lock the piece in place. Metal angle pieces are also used at the corners of a door, to make your wood door feel more rustic.

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