How Artificial Turf Can Be Problematic for Pet Owners


Summary: If you’re thinking of purchasing artificial grass in place of the real thing for your pet, there are some issues that you might come across.

As a pet-owner, you always want the best for your little furry friend. Dogs bring a lot of joy into our lives. Whether it is play time or time to go out for a jog, your dog is always going to be a companion that comes back.

There are plenty of benefits to installing artificial turf in your front lawn or backyard. Lower water bills, green grass throughout the year, and not having to worry about trimming the grass every week are a few reasons why artificial turf may be worth it. If you are worried about how the turf will affect your dog, here is a list of some common issues that one might come across.


Artificial grass is a manufactured material that can get warm when exposed to direct sunlight for a significant amount of time. One of the concerns dog-owners have is that the turf will get too hot for their dog to touch. Similar to how sand at the beach can get hot during a very hot day, so can artificial grass. If this indeed does happen, however, there is a good chance it will already be too hot out for your dog. When it is cooler out the grass is more comfortable.

Liquid Will Soak Into the Grass

An additional concern dog-owners have is getting urine stuck in the artificial grass. When a dog goes to the bathroom on natural grass, the grass will usually absorb the liquids. There are higher-end versions of artificial grass that are slightly more expensive but have special filtration systems below the surface. These versions will deposit the liquids into a filter that will carry the moisture away from the grass, keeping the urine from being a large problem.

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