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How Social Events Bring Employees Together


Article by Wicker Paradise.

Whether your office has 150 employees or 15 employees, socialization within the office is important. Imagine everyone in the office coming together over a common event, talking to and laughing with each other. Consider hosting social events for everyone from every department in the office to attend. Even 30 minutes on a Friday afternoon in your common lunch area can make a huge difference in the way employees interact with each other.

Take a Break

Employees are likely going to take short breaks throughout the day anyway. By providing your employees with a specified break time, through these social events, they will be more conscious of how they spend their time in the earlier part of the day. For example, a four o’clock happy hour on a Thursday may incentivize employees to get their work done earlier, thus increasing efficiency.

Talk to Each Other

Encouraging employees to socialize can do wonders for morale. People want to work with people who they can relate to, who they can bond with. Create connections between departments over a common event, like a March Madness viewing party or a Summer BBQ. Consider placing some wicker chairs at your office break room, to provide a different atmosphere. This can help employees relax and encourage them to be more social and productive.

While social events may not exactly be in the budget, the benefits by far outweigh the cons. So make sure to budget for them in the next year. Employees that enjoy working together create better work products, are more efficient, and stay longer.

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