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How to build and protect a business’s online reputation


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As more customers conduct online research on their products and services, businesses should manage and protect their online footprint. Smaller businesses may think that managing an online brand is only relevant for larger businesses. However, as more consumers shop online than in-store, all businesses should build and protect their online reputation.

The following strategies can help to create a strong online presence.

Content – A business’s content should be clear and cater to its target market. Consistently offering quality content that is not only self-promotional, will help to create interest in the brand and the business.

Encourage positive reviews – Positive reviews can strengthen a brand and promote sales. Encouraging customers by sending them an email as soon as a purchase is made, can increase the number of reviews while providing the business with instant feedback. Receiving instant feedback can also be beneficial to identify unhappy customers and provide the business a chance to resolve the situation.

Respond quickly and politely – Most businesses will respond quickly to positive feedback but are hesitant to reply to negative comments. Such policies can be harmful to future sales as customers who read reviews will realize that the business does not assist customers when they are faced with a problem. Platforms such as, TripAdvisor, Yelp, and other review websites managed by the government, have been successful in assisting both businesses and customers resolve their concerns.

Private conversations – Businesses should avoid commenting on negative reviews online. Instead, reply to negative feedback by apologizing and offering a direct contact number/ email address to a customer service representative. This will allow both parties to carry out an open discussion privately, offline.

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