How to Prepare to Hike


Staying active is important for numerous reasons. Apart from the multiple physical benefits of physical activity, such as healthier hearts, decreased levels of fat, and stronger bones and muscles, people are starting to realize that moving around can help them mentally and emotionally, as well. Regular physical activity can lead to happier moods, sharper mental alertness, and decreased levels of anxiety and depression.

A fun way to exercise is hiking, because you can explore nature, get fresh air, and break a sweat. To hike, however, you do not need to spend weeks climbing large mountain ranges. There are many different ways to enjoy the sport that are less intense and intimidating. For some tips on how to get hiking, check out the tips provided below.

Solo or in a Group?

Going for walks or jogs solo can be therapeutic. Being alone while you explore can give you the opportunity to think, reflect, and get some mental clarity. You can also listen to a new book, your favorite podcast, or that new album that everyone’s been talking about. The alone time can be nice, if you find yourself surrounded by others while at work or at your house.

While the alone time can be enjoyable, hiking can also be a fun bonding experience with others. Gather a group of friends and head out to the trails if you want others to talk to and have a good time with. If you have never gone hiking before, it would be wise to start out with other people.

Figure Out Where You Stand

Before you even step foot on a trail, it would be wise to first do some research on where you currently stand, skill-wise. Read up on different trails, checking maps and reviews. Be honest with yourself when determining if you have the physical ability to handle a trail both on the way up and on the way down. If you do not, do not be hard on yourself. Simply think of the tougher trails as goals to work towards.

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