On What Basis Can You Sue Your Dentist?


You can sue your dentist for a case of dental malpractice if you have fallen victim to it. Dental malpractice refers to mistakes made by the dentist, either due to their lack of skills or carelessness, during or after a dental procedure that may or may not have financial and long-lasting physical effects.

Los Angeles dental malpractice attorney Dane Levy says that a dental procedure is already very taxing. Not only is it difficult to find dental insurance, and the medical costs are extremely high, but it also takes a toll on your body. On top of that, if the dentist makes a mistake that causes irreparable damage to you, and refuses to compensate on top of that, then you have every right to sue them for it.

While there are many grounds on which a dentist might be sued, here are a few common ones-

Incorrect dosage of anesthesia.

Temporary or permanent damage to oral nerves

Failure to diagnose an oral disease, wrongly diagnosing it, or delaying the diagnosis for needless reasons.

Issues during or caused by tooth extraction

Issues during the installation of or caused by dental implants

Injuries of the root canal.

Infections due to unsterilized instruments or other reasons

Proceeding with the treatment without the consent of the patient.

Wrongful death.

While these are some of the more common causes, there can be many other situations for which your dentist deserves to get sued. However, that’s not for you to decide alone. It’s best to consult a lawyer first to see whether your case qualifies and how much chance you have of winning.

For those living in California, you can contact a dentist negligence injury attorney and Levy Law Firm founder Dane Levy for consultation. As someone who has succeeded in many dental malpractice cases over the years, he can be a useful resource to you.

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