One of the Greatest Celebrities Who has Used Meditation for over 50 Years


Create Abundance a book by Zhang Xinyue shares wise teachings that demonstrate how we can create abundance in our lives through mind-body-spirit cultivation. Learn to adopt the instructions and apply them to all areas of your life.

Sir Paul McCartney started on his path to transcendental meditation over 50 years ago when he was fortunate to meet and attend a lecture by the Yogi founder. He discussed the times he spent learning the art of meditation with David Lynch and said it had a calming effect on him.

Over the years Paul has often spoken in interviews about how meditation has helped him to focus and enjoy some stillness when his life is busy and crazy. He is quoted saying, “In moments of madness, meditation has helped me find moments of serenity — and I would like to think that it would help provide young people a quiet haven in a not-so-quiet world.” The former Beatle encourages young fans to try meditation to bring peace and some silence into their lives to be able to center and focus.

Zhang Xinyue is the author of Create Abundance and suggests that one needs to find an idea that makes you feel at ease. She says that you can do whatever you want and the more incessant you are about finding the idea that makes you feel at ease means that you are on the right path for elevation.

Zhang Xinyue author of Create Abundance wrote this inspirational book in 2012. It has been translated from Chinese into many languages and is an international bestseller. Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue helps to give meaning, and find positive ways to navigate and manage the philosophical issues of life. For more information visit Create Abundance

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