Reasons Why Mobile 4G Internet Can Be More Reliable Than Satellite Internet


Many rural residents are looking for the best rural Internet service provider because of their more limited options compared to urban and suburban communities where broadband and fiber optic Internet are most popular. The best satellite Internet companies like Viasat and mobile 4G rural Internet providers like UbiFi are inevitably mentioned in this conversation because of their wide reach and impressive performance.

However, both types of Internet for rural areas have their pros and cons. The criteria for choosing one over the other can be subjective, but there are a few advantages mobile Internet has over satellite Internet you should be aware of.

First, mobile Internet is less of a hassle to set up and maintain. To install satellite Internet, you will usually need to hire a specialist or crew to set up your satellite dish. In contrast, mobile Internet companies allow easy Internet connection through a simple router like the indoor 5G/4G LTE routers sold by UbiFi. If you want to save money on set up and get a highly portable router that is not a chore to set up, you might want to choose a good mobile Internet router instead of a cumbersome satellite dish.

Secondly, mobile 4G Internet carries much lower levels of latency than satellite Internet. For this reason, it is in the running for the title of the best Internet for rural gaming. With mobile 4G Internet, you can avoid lag and rubberbanding for seamless online multiplayer matches. Just be sure to look for an unlimited 4G rural Internet plan to avoid data caps and overage fees while playing online.

Be sure to check if you are in the coverage area of UbiFi or any other mobile Internet provider before signing up for year-long Internet service.

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