Replacing window seat cushions: It doesn’t have to be difficult


Blog provided by The Foam Factory

Does your house have a window seat where you can relax while looking outside and admiring the beauty of a warm summer’s day or the still calm of a snowy winter night? Just as windows can come in all shapes and sizes, the window seats that accompany them are often just as unique and distinct. From high and low window seats to wide, narrow, round and square ones, there have been a variety of innovative window designs. It can be hard to find window seat cushions that can fit every conceivable window seat. This can lead to some interesting problems when you need brand new window seat cushions.

It can be challenging to find a true “one size fits all” solution for unique window seat cushion replacements. Some people’s solution to their unique window shapes is to buy two separate cushions to fit a long window seat or arranging two cushions perpendicularly to fit an L-shaped window seat. However, there are simpler solutions that won’t require any complicated mix-and-matching. Instead, you could get a custom foam cushion designed to fit your window seat’s measurements.

Companies like The Foam Factory have plenty of experience with cutting cushion shapes for customers based on their individual needs. When it comes to window seat cushion replacements, they even have options for L-shaped, T-shaped, trapezoid, or trimmed window seat cushions. And even if you don’t see the shape you need, you can contact them about machine cut custom items, and they might still be able to help you.

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