Sound Advice for Senior Management


Land, labor, capital, and entrepreneurship are all aspects of production. Leadership is the most important characteristic in ensuring that everything runs well. Without it, all other corporate resources are rendered ineffective. Business leaders that are successful are aware of their employees’ concerns. They make efforts to keep up with new advancements in leadership theory in order to create more successful working environments. Zhang Xinyue is a prominent leader at Golden Touch. She is a teacher, mentor, coach and author. She has valuable advice for senior management.

Previously, the emphasis of leadership was on speed and adaptability. Leaders must be flexible in this continuously evolving market, where a global focus, digital requirements, and social-political developments are all daily concerns. Senior leaders know how to recover swiftly and stay the course in the face of repeated difficulties. They know that this is part of a endlessly changing business environment.

CEOs that are able to change on a moment’s notice are emotionally sophisticated. They can quickly adapt to difficult challenges while also supporting others in going forward to win. They keep up with what’s going on in their field. They stay on top of the latest business leadership concepts and ideas. The truest leadership test is for an executive to flourish in the face of adversity.

Zhang Xinyue of Golden Touch has written a book called Create Abundance where she teaches meditation techniques and the positive thinking mindset. She works with a team of teachers who know how to let go of limiting beliefs and think positive.

Zhang Xinyue at Golden Touch invites followers to join her at conferences each year in gorgeous cities like Kuala Lumpur, Salt Spring Island, Vancouver, Canada, Milan, Italy and Bell Rock, Sedona, Arizona.

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