Tips for Cleaning Teeth While Wearing Braces


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Most of the time, we get cavities because of what we eat. Children are especially prone to getting cavities and for good reason. They often eat cookies, candy, carbonated beverages and all sorts of sticky things. To make matters worse, they often get right up and go out to play without ever brushing their teeth. These sweets adhere to tooth surfaces and get stuck between teeth and then before you know it, a small dark spot appears on a tooth.

Eat Healthy

The number one best way to avoid cavities for adults and children is to eat healthy. Strawberries have a natural substance that whitens teeth. Apples and all crunchy vegetables and fruits stimulate saliva production, which washes away food particles. Most fresh fruits and vegetables provide nutrients that we need, along with giving our teeth something healthy to munch on that will keep them fresh and clean-feeling.

The bacteria in our mouths can easily convert any sugar we eat into an acid that eats away at tooth enamel. A steady diet of sugary and high carb foods will cause obesity as well as tooth decay. Cavities set the stage for gum disease.  By simply rinsing your mouth after eating foods like these, you can eliminate some of the dangers. Of course, brushing is ideal for healthy teeth and gums after any meal.

Benefits of Green and Black Tea

One surprising health benefit for teeth was discovered recently by researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Researchers found that those who rinsed their mouths with black tea 10 times a day for about one minute, had far less plaque buildup. The reason behind this is due to compounds called polyphenols. These can be found in both black and green teas and they reduce the amount of plaque, which leads to fewer cavities. It was also discovered that rinsing with black tea helps to fight halitosis or bad breath.

Regular Dental Visits

See your orthodontist every six months for cleaning and regular exams. Though we hear this all the time, it’s still good advice. Those with braces have special requirements when it comes to keeping everything clean.

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