Tips to help you manage business’s online brand reputation


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Social media and online customer review sites can greatly help to further a brand. However, bad reviews can equally hurt a brand by damaging a company’s reputation and directing sales to competitors.

Managing a business’s online brand is the best way to build stronger, longer-lasting relationships with customers online while protecting the business from negative criticism. Here are some strategies that can help a business successfully manage its online brand reputation.

Always track the brand – Managing a brand will involve using notifications to know when a review has been posted or when the company’s name has been mentioned online. Keeping a close eye on what is said about the business, will give business owners the ability to address a negative review before it is seen and shared.

Engage with critics – Every business will have those that think that the company is not doing a good job or that they should be doing things differently. It is best to engage with critics by responding and offering a direct contact number to talk through an issue. Private review websites such as, Tripadvisor, Yelp, and BBB are popular platforms for customer reviews as they offer a neutral platform to discuss and resolve an issue.

Use brand advocates – Customers who love a brand will often post reviews and pictures letting their follows know why a brand is special. Re-posting the comments of happy customers will not only let brand supporters know that they are appreciated it can additionally let the public know how good your products and services are.

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