Travel in comfort by replacing your used RV’s bedding


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Buying a used RV can be a good way to get a motor home at an affordable price. However, you’ll have to do some work to make someone else’s vehicle feel like your home on the road. One thing you might want to do is to replace the used RV bedding.

Years of wear and tear usually mean that RV bedding is not in the best shape. The bedding may be flat and misshapen as a result of frequent use. This can result in discomfort and aches and pains when you lounge in your RV. Furthermore, a used RV’s mattress and cushions have been exposed to the body oil, skin cells, and sweat of another person. You may also be unaware of residue from spilled food or chemicals on the RV’s bedding. To truly travel in comfort, it might be worthwhile to invest in getting a new RV mattress and/or cushions.

Ronnie Dennis from DoItYourselfRV.com took the DIY route and used High-Quality Lux Foam from The Foam Factory to replace his RV’s foam cushions. He simply removed the cushion covers, cut the right shape from his foam block, attached Dacron to the edges, and inserted the new cushions into the covers.

You can order foam for a DIY replacement, or you can contact the experts at The Foam Factory so they can custom-cut new cushions for you. If you want to replace your RV mattress with a new foam mattress, you can also browse The Foam Factory’s collection of foam sleep products for something that might fit your vehicle’s bed.

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