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Why synthetic wicker is better than natural wicker for outdoor furniture


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Weaved wicker is a centuries-old design technique famous for its elegant look that blends seamlessly with nature and greenery. This is because natural wicker is usually made from natural, plant-based materials such as bamboo, reed, and rattan. Any designer would be enticed by the prospect of using wicker furniture outdoors, but is this a practical, realistic option?

Outdoor furniture is consistently exposed to the elements and the wear and tear that comes from varied weather conditions. Natural wicker isn’t the most weather-friendly option, as it tends to be susceptible to damage from sunlight/ heat, rain, insects, and natural degradation. The solution for these problems that many furniture manufacturers have devised is outdoor wicker furniture made from synthetic wicker.

Synthetic wicker carries the same aesthetics as natural wicker while also being stronger, weather-resistant, and much easier to clean. It’s made from synthetic resin, rather than plant-based materials, so it won’t look exactly the same, but it’ll provide a more functional alternative for outdoor use. Rain or shine, resin wicker will stay standing and in good condition. Furthermore, synthetic wicker furniture comes in all the standard furniture designs, such as chairs, sofas, sectionals, and dining tables. Wicker Paradise has an outstanding collection of indoor and outdoor wicker furniture, including synthetic wicker furniture for your backyard, patio, or outdoor dining area. Choose from exquisite Victorian styles to cozy, tropical designs. Bring home a stylish, yet functional set of outdoor wicker furniture today.

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