Why you should always keep your outdoor furniture cushions dry


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An outdoor dining or lounging area can be a great asset for entertaining guests and enjoying the warm air outdoors. However, not every day is a sunny one you can spend outdoors. When rain, snow, and moist weather come, it’s important to make sure your outdoor furniture pieces and their cushions stay dry. Not doing so can have some regrettable consequences for your personal health.

The reason you should avoid moisture on your furniture is that fungi such as mold and mildew grow on moist surfaces. According to the CDC, these microorganisms are bothersome allergens that can cause reactions such as nasal congestion, itchy eyes, and in the worst cases, asthma attacks.

When you’ve read the weather reports and you’re prepared for rain, it’s easy to bring your furniture inside to keep it from getting soaked. However, you can’t always be prepared for unfortunate weather incidents. You’ll need a way to protect your furniture and its cushions when unexpected rain showers occur.

Two practical ways to keep your patio furniture dry are to cover them with waterproof covers and to buy outdoor furniture cushions. The Foam Factory’s outdoor cushions are made from Dryfast Foam, a unique material designed to dry quickly. Dryfast Foam has an unusually wide open-cell structure that allows moisture and rain to pass through even after being completely soaked. Dryfast Foam was also designed to have antimicrobial qualities, which makes it almost impossible for mold and mildew to grow on its surface.

For any further questions about Dryfast Foam’s properties, contact The Foam Factory today.

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